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Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning
28th February 2018

Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning

Scout Troop: 1st Upchurch District: Sittingbourne & Milton Blog title: Newsletter Blog story: Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning, the Hawks patrol created a fun-filled and enjoyable night. The scouts experimented...

Author: Gaby & Lucas

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  • Paintball 2019

    Paintball 2019

    This is the ultimate team game! Come and join us for a load of fun with a paintball gun.  Its time to earn your paintball badge, whether...

    More informationMore information  £28.00

  • Survival Badge Weekend

    Survival Badge Weekend

    Lean all the skills you need to gain your Survival Badge in one weekend! What: Kent Scouts Survival Skills Weekend When: 17th - 19th May 2019...

    More informationMore information  £38.00

  • Dragon Boat Badge

    Dragon Boat Badge

    Come along and take to the water while you paddle your team to victory! What: Dragon Boat Badge When: 22nd June 2019 Where: Conningbrook Lakes...

    More informationMore information  £20.00

  • Survival Badge Weekend 2

    Survival Badge Weekend 2

    Missed the first Survival Training Weekend? Don't worry, we're running it again! Looking to survive like Bear Grylls? We'll teach you the skills. ...

    More informationMore information  £38.00

  • Expedition Challenge

    Expedition Challenge

    Come along to plan, hike and get your badge! What: Expedition Challenge Badge Weekend When: 18th - 20th October 2019 Where: Adamswell Scout...

    More informationMore information  £36.00

  • Wild Winter Weekend 2019

    Wild Winter Weekend 2019

    Join us for yet another fun packed Wild Winter Weekend with a load of adventurous activities. Sleep in dorms, all bedding provided and it includes...

    More informationMore information  £82.00

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