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Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning
28th February 2018

Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning

Scout Troop: 1st Upchurch District: Sittingbourne & Milton Blog title: Newsletter Blog story: Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning, the Hawks patrol created a fun-filled and enjoyable night. The scouts experimented...

Author: Gaby & Lucas

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  • Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning

    Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning

    Author: Gaby & Lucas | Date: 28th February 2018

    Scout Troop: 1st Upchurch 

    District: Sittingbourne & Milton 

    Blog title: Newsletter 

    Blog story: Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning, the Hawks patrol created a fun-filled and enjoyable night. The scouts experimented with different cooking techniques (not all were successful) led by Lewis Jobson and James Newbery. Indoors, while the fire was being set up by Lewis and Gabriella Deevoy, James Hatcher and James Newbury played and managed a hectic game of dodgeball. After settling down around the fire, the scouts did part of their communications badge and set to work making sausages and an egg in a bun. 

    Check out our latest newsletter here

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  • What is it to be a Scout?

    What is it to be a Scout?

    Author: Jack | Date: 18th July 2016

    4th Milton (St Marys) Scout Group


    This year was kicked off with us going to Winter Camp at Gilwell. What an experience this was wet and mud all around but tons of fun. From crate stacking, high ropes, pot holing in a cave bus and driving a car, almost everything ended in getting wet. It didn’t matter though because you did not have time to think about it with everything that was going on.


    I attended the Kent County Paintball day and although I was the only one from my troop I had loads of fun and made some new friends, showing that scouting really is a wide family and next time I hope to bring some friends.

    On St Georges Day I meet my group in Sittingbourne High Street where we made paracord braclets to give out and told people all the great things about being involved in scouting in Kent.

    One of our Monday night meetings was at Gravity in Maidstone where I catapulted myself into the foam pit and laughed as my friend pulled me out as the giant foam cubes tried to suck me back in.


    Our troop took part in JOTT 19 (Jamboree on the trail) hiking from Linton to Yalding, where we set up camp for the night. The following day we went kayaking and eventually kayaked down a weir and tested our bravery by jumping off of the pier into the chilling water.

    The Monday after we met at the Cyclopark in Gravesend where we all got some exercise on the bikes off-road and speeding round the track.

    On 25th May the PL’s and APL’s of 4th Milton ran a night for the Beavers as we had them hiking around Bexon Lane to three different activities. My friend Jack and I looked after the Beavers as they made smores by a campfire, (don’t worry no one caught alight).


    Most recently I helped by running a stall at Eddy Austin’s (Baloo to us) Memorial Fun Day. Eddy helped out at my scout group for 25 years and taught us how to use the air rifles in the shooting range.

    Still to come: District camp in June, JAWS in July and in August eight days camping in the New Forest.

    As you can see its never boring when you are a scout with 4th Milton (St Marys). Scouts is great fun and we do loads of really fun and exciting things. All week I look forward to Mondays so I can see all my friends and what we are up to.

    Wonder what we’ll do next?

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  • PGL - 1st Upchurch

    PGL - 1st Upchurch

    Author: Sam, James, Ethan | Date: 19th March 2015

    Upchurch Cubs and Scouts went to Windmill Hill Activity Centre In February. We did a range of different activities from abseiling down a 10.3m tower to jumping off a tall pole called the leap of faith to grab a trapeze. My favourite was the giant swing. While we were there, we had all kinds of weather, from snow, hail, wind, rain, sun and clouds but it was still great fun.

    Upchurch Cubs and Scouts went to Windmill Hill Activity Centre near Battle. At the PGL activity centre,I went on some really fun things like a giant swing, a zipwire,abseiling down a 34 foot tower, the leap of faith trapeze and many others.
    I was pulled up to the top of the giant swing, I went down the zip wire both backwards and forwards but I really liked the leap of faith best which was a tall pole and you had to leap from the top to a trapeze and even though it was wet and slippery I still reached it four times out of four.

    I went to a PGL activity centre with Upchurch Cubs and Scouts. I went on the abseiling wall. It was very scary. We did the giant swing in snow, wind and rain. We tried fencing, and obstacle course, aeroball, a trapeze leap and a sensory trail. It was a fun experience and you should all go.

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  • Winter Adventure

    Winter Adventure

    Author: Beth | Date: 23rd November 2014

    Scout Troop: 12th Medway

    District: Medway Towns

    Blog title: Winter Adventure

    Blog story: Just attended another day out with Kent scouts, and it was amazing. Having had a go at skiing, snow tubing, snow boarding and the toboggan run, all of which were great fun.
    The leaders make sure your day is full of fun and laughter. Did the paint balling not long ago and can't wait for the next adventure, with them.

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  • Theme park camp

    Author: Henry - 1st Upchurch | Date: 28th October 2014

    Chessington was Awesome!
    In September the kent scouts went to Chessington for the weekend.
    When we arrived we had to set up our tents, it took a long time but our leader brought beds for us to sleep on too!! Once we had finished we gathered in the middle of the field to be told health and safety rules by camp leaders. After that we went into the park. The first ride we went on was the Kobra. We went on lots of rides – some I’d not had the courage to go on before. The last ride we went on was Dragon Fury and it was certainly the best. On Sunday we went on the rides again. Before going home we went and got some sweets and then went back to camp to pack everything away. Overall the weekend was great and I won myself a big pig that I gave away and my scout friend gave me his big banana he won. It was fun trying to get him in the car for the journey home.

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  • Phasel Wood Summer Camp 2014

    Author: Amanda | Date: 18th August 2014

    Just returned this weekend from our weeks Annual Scout Camp at Phasels Wood.  What a fantastic week 20 scouts, 10 leaders and committee members had.  Highlight of the week was kayaking in the Grand Union Canal, and Artic Alley at the Snow Dome in Hemel Hempstead. Just need to dry the tents out now!!. Now planning next years camps.

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  • Golden Hinde Review

    Author: James Holdstock | Date: 28th June 2014

    On May 24th and 25th of 2014 the Scouts of 9th and 2nd Tonbridge went back in time over 400 years to discover what made Sir Francis Drake famous and what it was like to be a sailor on his great voyage.

    Drake's boat was called the Golden Hinde and in the much later 1970's a working replica was created. This galleon (Golden Hinde II) is now docked on the Thames near to London Bridge and hosts overnight stays for families and groups, so how did the Scouts fare?

    We arrived in the afternoon and were given uniforms of the 16th century to dress in. These denoted our rank of Officers, Barber Surgeons, Gunners and Cabin Boys (or Scout leaders!) we were then shown on to the ship and were briefed by the grizzly Barber Surgeon, a learned man with a fascination of bodily functions! He whipped the recruits into shape so we could be introduced to the Master of the ship. Standing up straight and saluting came very easily to the Scouts so we got on the right side of the master straight away, although there were some unexplained smells that concerned him later in the voyage.

    Over the next few hours these characters interactively explained to us how the sailors lived and worked including how to navigate, the drawbacks (and benefits) of healthcare for sailors and the wondrous medical properties of Urine, including an interactive demonstration of a leg amputation,  Jimi is half the scout he used to be but we ate well that night. This all culminated in a mock battle where we defeated an onslaught by the (topically) horrible Spanish, even if many people lost their sight and limbs along the way. We even had time to play a game of shove piggy shove (which you shall have to come aboard to find out about).

    After a delicious authentic meal of rice and vegetables we retired for bed. The Scouts on the Gun Deck and the Scout Leaders stowed down in the hold. I could swear that when trying to sleep I could even hear the creeking of the ship on the open seas (although this may have been one of the other leaders)....

    This is a fabulous night away and the actors made it absolutely brilliant. I learned a lot, was impressed by the knowledge of the Scouts and cried laughing at times. This will be a regular trip for the 9th Tonbridge, well worth the cost.

    For more details about the Golden Hinde there is a website or you can call the very helpful bookings office. I am also happy to share my nights away findings with other leaders if that helps. You will learn, you will laugh and you may lose a limb!

    James Holdstock (written with input from the scouts of the 9th Tonbridge)
    Scout Leader 9th Tonbridge

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  • PGL

    Author: Upchurch Scouts | Date: 27th January 2014

    On the weekend of 10th, 11th and 12th January, Upchurch Scouts and Cubs went to Hastings to an activity centre.  There were 27 Scouts in all, sleeping in dorms of 5 or 6.  We arrived at 8pm Friday and had a nice cooked dinner waiting for us.  Then to sleep, well to bed, sleep did not arrive until about 2.30am for some! Mac said \" it was very exciting, my favourite activity was the trapezium because I love heights\" and boy was it high.  You had to climb up a pole and clamber on to a VERY small platform and jump for the trapeze.  Richard said \"My favourite was the Zip wire.  It helped me conquer my fear of heights as I felt so safe\"  Even the Leaders were able to have a go.  An amazing adventure for all.

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  • Go Karting

    Author: Richard | Date: 27th January 2014

    Just before Christmas I went Go-Karting with the Scouts.  I had a brilliant time.  First we went through a safety briefing and then went out to see the first group on the track.  Later it was our turn and it was great.  I had never had so much fun.  Finally we all went into the diner to have dinner.  Before we went home though, I was invested in front of a go-kart, so now I am a Scout.  I lived it!

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  • Christmas go-karting

    Author: Sam | Date: 27th January 2014

    We went on a trip to Bayford Meadows Go-kart track for our Christmas party.  We had 30 minutes on the track and after we had some food.  We had to put on safety clothes and watch a video on safety.  They went really fast.

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  • Go-karting special

    Author: Fraser and Harry | Date: 27th January 2014

    Our Christmas go-karting trip was a wonderful experience, I liked it, said Fraser because I did better than expected and did not lose.  Harry enjoyed it because, it was fun and the go karts went really fast and I enjoyed the food afterwards.  A great Christmas party.

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  • Christmas Camp @ Bears Wood

    Author: Michael Dreksler | Date: 10th January 2014

    We tried out a new location for our Christmas Camp this year - Bears Wood Campsite on the outskirts of Croydon.

    The site is a district site, very much more low key and less organised than the big scout centres - and maintained by a really friendly team.

    We managed a full programme just before winter in some extremely wet weather including: mini quad bikes, bungee run, laser tag, orienteering and loads of wide games.

    There are a bunch of photos from our camp here

    Anyway, if you fancy a change - check them out.

    They are

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  • My Investiture

    Author: Victoria Bell | Date: 28th November 2013

    I thouroughly enjoyed my investiture. We started off at the Sittingbourne Heritage Museum. We split into three groups to make all of the exploring of the museum easier.  when we had seen everything, Finn and I went down to the air raid shelter. Then Skip, my mum and my friends mum came down to watch.  Next, I had to do the obvious and say my promise. I had learnt it as bast as I could, but in the heat of the moment my mind went blank.  I think Skip could see the panic on my face and asked me if I wanted to repeat it after her.  After immediately agreeing I said my promise.  When I had done that, we went into the actual shelter itself. It was a bit of a squeeze, but Finn, Skip and I eventually all piled in.  Then it was time to go home. I think the memory of my investiture will stay with me forever.

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  • Halloween camp

    Author: Max Jones | Date: 10th November 2013

    From the 30th of October to the 1st of November my scout group went on a camp at Bexon lane. We had to make fires and cook on them and eat marshmallows! After the camp we gained the outdoor badge.

    It was fun but we all missed out on trick or treating on Halloween but we had a great scare on the other patrols.  

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  • Joti

    Author: Lillie Jones | Date: 10th November 2013

    On the 19th of October I went to Joti. When we got there I got on a computer and talked to scouts from all over the world, it was great fun. Then when talking to someone in Germany via Skype, I got invested.

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  • First camp

    Author: Lillie Jones | Date: 10th November 2013

    On the 30th October our troop went to Bexon Lane to do a 2 night camp. This all went towards our outdoor challenge badge. We had to cook on open fires and camp. On Halloween night we got to have chocolate in bananas, carve out pumpkins and cook marshmallows. It was amazing.

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  • Investiture in an Anderson Shelter

    Author: Finn Longley | Date: 10th November 2013

    When I went to Sittingbourne Museum it was fun. There was an Anderson shelter from world war 2. Also there were objects like bullets, uniforms, a model of a paper factory and a life sized kitchen.

    I was invested in the Anderson shelter and I think it was the best investment ever! It was dark and cramped and it had sound effect. As the siren was going off we had trouble unfolding the flag so it didn't hit the roof.

    The staff were very helpful and made it very interesting. I particularly enjoyed the story about the girl who fell down the stairs looking for her shoes.

    If this is the kind of things the Scouts do then I am really looking forward to joining in all the activities for the next few years.

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  • 1st milton at Morristons

    Author: Max Jones | Date: 26th October 2013

    On the 18th of October my scout group went to Morrisons in Sittingbourne to make bread.
    We were shown how it was made by their bakers and had the chance to make some ourselves.
    We had competitions to make the best baked loaf and we had to find items on a shopping list, showing a price and aisle for each one. Our leaders had to decorate cupcakes, they were very competitive!
    It was a fun evening for all of us and we gained a fabulous tasting loaf each!  

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  • 1st milton on JOTI

    Author: Max Jones | Date: 26th October 2013

    On the 19th of October 1st Milton went on joti. We were talking to scouts from Norway to India and learnt about their groups, patrols and their life as a scout.

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  • SKLR clean up

    Author: Lillie Jones | Date: 26th October 2013

    On 6th October we did a clean up of rubbish at Sittingbourne & Kemsley Light Railway (SKLR). This time goes towards our community badge. We managed to fill up loads of bin bags and unbelievably we even had to go into bushes to clean the car park area, being careful not to drop or step on glass. At the end of the morning we dragged the huge heavy bag of rubbish to McDonalds,who kindly agreed to have it collected.

    It was a fun day and I always want to help the community. 

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  • First hike

    Author: Lillie | Date: 26th October 2013

    On the 11th of October it was my first hike.  We had a walk around Milton Creek in the dark and Baggy had to go through all the long puddles first because he wanted to make sure they didn't go up to our knees! We had to do map reading to make sure we didn't get lost and we had to turn of our torches in the dark to see if we could see. The weather was so horrible we were cold and drenched, we could have probably taken of a shoe and tipped it over our heads to warm ourselves up!

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  • Bakery

    Author: Lillie Jones | Date: 26th October 2013

    On the 18th of October my scout group had a trip to Morrisons bakery.  We watched a man make bread and we had a little competition, the competition was to make the best bread. Daniel came third, I came second and Jack came first.  The instructor said JB is the winner, James thought it was him and he celebrated being a winner but they said it was actually Jack was the winner and James shouted “NO!”
    Then we had another competition, they gave us a list and we had to record the price and the aisle number of each item.

    It was a really fun day and I enjoyed eating my delicious bread

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  • Cheque Presentation for Porchlight

    Cheque Presentation for Porchlight

    Author: Amanda Seymour - Skip | Date: 20th October 2013

    1st Teynham Scout Troop welcomed Rachel Van Hofen back on Friday to present Porchlight with a cheque for £275.00 which the scouts had raised.  Rachel and Carlton visited the troop in the past to talk to them about the work that porchlight do and to speak to them about homelessness.  The scouts were so touched by their presentation that they wanted to do something to help and decided that they would get sponsored for completing a hike and sleeping out under the stars in a farmers blackcurrent field with just a sleeping bag and a groundsheet for company. 

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  • Sponsored Cycle Ride for Group Funds

    Sponsored Cycle Ride for Group Funds

    Author: Amanda Seymour - Skip | Date: 20th October 2013

    On Saturday 22nd September at 8.00am the sound of a whistle blew down the phone to leaders, committee members and scouts to indicate that the 3 Committee Members had started their cycle ride from the Scout Headquarters at Gilwell Park back to Teynham. At the same time the pedals on the static exercise bikes at the scout hut started to turn as the challenge was not only for the cyclists to make it back from Gilwell Park collecting 6 other riders made up of young leaders, leaders and committee members from Chatham Hill on the way but to keep the excercise bikes constantly going until they all returned to the hut. 6 hours after starting from Gilwell Park all cyclists arrived safely back at the scout hut where the static exercise bikes had also clocked up 307 kilometres.  What a fantastic fundraising effort by everyone in the group.

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  • The Big Adventure Camp 30th-2nd June

    Author: Sam | Date: 21st June 2013

    This camp..........
    I really liked the rock climbing and the abseiling and when 4 of my friends were on the bouncy castles.
    I enjoyed the archery although I wasn't very good at it.
    I liked the pioneering where we made sedan chairs by using logs around a chair and we nearly beat the record but lost by just one second!
    I think the backwoods cooking could have been improved by allowing more ingredients as I don't think you would be cooking a biscuit in the wild!
    Around the campfire, we got to do one of the songs,the banana song. I really enjoyed the singing.
    During the weekend I earned my creative challenge badge (for my washing up bowl stand and a mud scraper for outside the tent), and my adventure challenge badge.
    We talked around the campfire about what could happen in a medical emergency and how we could help.  We talked about food poisoning and prevention and burns, bites and stings etc. For that, I earned my level one Emergency Aid. I also gained my 10 nights away badge and am now working on my promise challenge.
    We all completed part of our campers badge.  We also helped the Cubs and Beavers to make their own leather plaited woggles, which was a surprise to all the other leaders as we managed to keep it a secret from them.
    We learned how to keep our tent clean every day, how to chop and saw wood for the fire and then to keep the fire going so we could cook our meals. It was really fun.
    Finally, I got promoted to assistant patrol leader.
    I really enjoyed the weekend and people were nice to me when I had a very bad earache.
    Can't wait for the next camp!!!

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  • Expedition and bike ride

    Author: Adam E | Date: 5th June 2013

    On the 11th May 2013 we did an expedition which was 10 KM both days. When we got to our campsite it started to rain so we put up our tents and chose who we went with.
    When the rain stopped we made a fire and cooked dinner. We had meatballs and some risotto. The hard part was washing up.
    The next day we took down the tents and had burgers and Hotdogs for breakfast. We did the second hike and went home and it was nice not carrying a giant bag around.

    We have also done a 25 mile bike ride starting and finishing at bexon lane. it was hard going up hills but fun going down. We stopped occasionally for a drink and eventually got back. We were allowed to buy food from a BBQ and after that we went home.

    I have also taken part in powerboating which is great fun! 

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  • Cyclopark. Scouts Cycle in the Snow

    Cyclopark. Scouts Cycle in the Snow

    Author: Hollie | Date: 5th June 2013

    Some of us from Upchurch Scouts went to the Cyclopark in Northfleet in March.  We all enjoyed ourselves even though it was really bad weather.  The activity that I enjoyed the most, was the mountain biking. I got to try things I had not done before.  However, at the end of the session we were covered from head to toe in mud! We were frozen all day and at the end, our hands and feet felt so numb, they seemed as though they might fall off.  But all in all, we had fun!

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  • My recent events

    Author: Matt G | Date: 28th May 2013

    I have recently been doing 2 events during the last 2 weeks. Firstly I went on an expedition with 4 other scouts from my troop and 2 of my leaders. During the expedition we hiked 7 miles then camped [when we got there we got soaked putting up the tents because of the rain]. The next day we hiked another 7 miles and then we all went home.[after the hike it felt like my legs were going to fall off]. Another recent event was the district bike hike. I did the 25 mile one and other scouts did 50 miles, my legs reaLly hurt but when I got to the end I felt much better. This saturday coming up I'm going power boating with some of the scouts in my troop.:)

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  • Kent Scout Survival Weekend 10th to 12th May 2013

    Author: John Redwood | Date: 28th May 2013

    Some people claim that today’s young people are soft and they spend all their time in front of a computer.  Really.  Let them think again. Seventy two young scouts descended into darkest East Kent to Ross Wood, Canterbury and District’s camp site. They were there from Friday to Sunday, learning survival techniques. They came from all parts of the County for a weekend of intensive survival training organised by Kent County instructors. The instructors have a wide and deep knowledge of the subject and laid out a comprehensive programme. Apart from a hiccup caused by an incident with Gatwick Airport, the programme was a success. The weather conditions on Saturday were very bad with strong winds, rain and a hailstorm. Many of the scouts, particularly those for whom this was their first camp, were undecided as to whether or not to stay but they stayed on until the end. After this experience other camps will be easy by comparison.

    Saturday began with a session on shelter building. The scouts were split up into groups and assigned two leaders and a camp site where they were given tarpaulin and string to construct their own shelters. There was a wide variation of types. Some palatial, others more modest but more practical.

    Fire lighting was taught using flint and steel and different types of tinder and just as important, how to keep it going. Then it was their turn. This took a lot longer but finally, the fires were lit. The scouts had to light another fire near their campsite and cook and eat their evening meal. This is when the rain decided to join in.  Despite the heavy rain, the scouts succeeded and even looked as though they had enjoyed their meal.

    Practical first aid was demonstrated using one of the scouts as a victim. He survived. The use of pressure points to stop bleeding, emergency action under pylons and elsewhere were amongst the subjects. Resuscitation including mouth to mouth was practised but not on each other to every ones relief.

    Personal survival equipment. This session ended with every scout owning his own personal survival kit.

    Skinning and gutting a rabbit ready for cooking was watched with mixed emotions when the scouts realised it was their turn next and they had to remove the mucky bits themselves. The sight of a rabbit’s head stuck on a fence post did not appear to worry our girl scouts. Squeamish? No way.

    Natural navigation. No maps. No compass. Just the Sun and a watch and any other natural aids which could be used.

    Communications included the use of hand signals to Mountain rescue teams and Search and Rescue helicopters this covered indications by hand signal to indicate if help is needed and where it should be safe to land.

    The final session was a collective quiz to make sure they had earned their survival badge.

    This week end was tough going but enjoyable thanks to the effort of the County Instructors. Even the parents behaved themselves when coming to pick up their sons and daughters. The scouts really earned their survival badge. They are survivors. Still think today’s youngsters are soft? I do not think so. 

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  • Scout Winter Camp at Kingswood

    Author: Thomas Webb | Date: 31st March 2013

    At six o’clock on Friday 1st of February over fifty scouts had turned up for the fun and challenging weekend that lay ahead. The scouts were from all parts of the Kent district; there were some scout groups that I had friends in, and there were many more scout groups that I had never even heard of before, but all the same, everybody made friends with people. My friend Regan, his brother Bailey and I had spotted some people from another group that we knew. We then met up with these people and decided that we should join up and be in the same group for the activities.
    After we had all checked in we were shown up to the rooms in which we would be staying in, the leaders told us to quickly unpack as there would be a few activities and leisure time before we went to bed. After the activity (which consisted of using cardboard, cello-tape, and paper to protect a water balloon) my friends and I decided to watch a film as our leisure activity. We then went up to our rooms, but instead of sleeping we played card games. In the end I got to sleep at about quarter to two.
    The next day we were told to wear long sleeved shirts and trousers because of the activities that we would be doing that day. For our breakfast there was a variety of hot food, cereal, and drinks. While we were eating, our instructors came over to meet us and tell us what we would be doing first. That day we went on the zip wire, the climbing pole, the 3G swing, the Arial equilibrium (a sort of see-saw but in the air) and after lunch we went in to the swimming pool. We were then given some time to ourselves, my friends and I played football with some other scout groups. Later on we had dinner which was chicken and pasta. While we were eating we discussed how our day had been so far, the answer was always “yeah, it was great, I really enjoyed the…” after dinner we had a disco, most people got up for the songs that they knew but the scout leaders by far had the best dance moves. When we got back to the rooms most people were too tired to do the same the night before, but for some reason I went to sleep later.
    The next day was the last day of the fun weekend and there was the obvious atmosphere of “I don’t want to go back to school tomorrow” as people woke up. However despite this, there were still many more activities lined up for the rest of the day and the canteen was serving a full cooked breakfast. Once everyone had eaten we went back to our rooms to prepare for the day ahead. We then met up with our instructors once again for the activities. On this day we did Archery, fencing, went on to the inside climbing wall and then for our last activity we had a go on the quad bikes, which was really good fun. When we had finished our last activity we were told to go and pack our bags and then meet at the sports hall. The leaders told us that we could go and spend money on souvenirs in the gift shop; I bought a mug and a hat. After I purchased these items I went back to the sports hall and met up with my friends. I joined in with their game of basketball until our parents started to arrive.
    A great weekend.

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  • A visit to Medway Police Station

    Author: Ashley | Date: 31st March 2013

    When we went to the new Police station in Gillingham, we had to find out all the ranks on the Police Uniform.  To make it easier we thought we would ask the Chief Constable and he helped us find them out.  We got to see some of their equipment for example we saw the batons and handcuffs which we were told not to put on because he had not got the keys!  After that we went to see some empty cells and got locked in.  We also got to go in a Police van and a Police car and we got to wear some riot gear.  At the end we sat in a conference room and chatted about the Police force.  It was a brilliant evening!!!

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  • A Trip to the Police Station

    Author: Nathaniel | Date: 16th March 2013

    We all went to Gillingham Police station for a visit.  When we arrived, we were welcomed by the Chief Superintendent and he gave us a talk about the history of the Police old and new.  He showed us how the radios worked, the uniform vest and belt with the extendable baton.  On that trip, we got to see all the equipment that the Police use. e.g. the handcuffs, the riot gear etc.  I found the riot gear cool, but the thing I enjoyed most, was when we got to go in the Police car and press all the buttons and turn the sirens on.  Some of the equipment that is used in Police cars is very clever.  They have built in Sat. Navs. to find the shortest/quickest routes.  We managed to get 12 Scouts in one Police car!!
    We also got to see the cells and even got locked in to see what it was like.   There were cameras and microphones so the Police could see and hear everything.  There was a metal toilet on the wall in full view, (so no privacy)
    During the visit, we had a quiz to complete to find out all sorts of answers about the Police Force and we had to find out about all the badges and what ranks they were.
    Overall, we had a fun day out and enjoyed the trip a lot.

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  • Trampoline investiture

    Author: Millie - 1st Upchurch | Date: 28th January 2013

    On Friday 21st December Upchurch Scout Troop organised a trip to the Jumpers Centre in Gillingham for a trampoline session. We arrived at the Naval War Memorial on Gillingham Lines to start our hike looking at some of the amazing sights around us in the dark. As we walked around the Memorial we saw all the names from the Great Wars on individual bricks. There were thousands of them! When we got to the Centre, we went straight on the trampolines and did all sorts of moves, like a tuck jump, straddle, pike etc. After we had finished on the trampolines, after a great time, we were allowed to go in the 'pit' for the last 5 mins. This is a pit full of soft blocks. I ran down the runway and did a cartwheel into it, but others did somersaults, bombs and dives. We all enjoyed ourselves very much, and for an extra special surprise, three new Scouts got invested on the Trampoline! It was very a exciting investment and we all had a fantastic time. Finally, as a special treat we all had a Macdonalds bought for us and a christmas selection box before we went home. Thank you to our Scout Leaders, Gary and Julia for organising the trip and making three young Scouts investment very memorable.

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  • Ho ho ho off on a hike we go!

    Author: Max Jones | Date: 4th December 2012

    On the 30th of November, my scout group went on a hike to Newington. The aim of the trip was to surprise their troop by wrapping their leader’s van with Christmas decorations. We loved seeing his face when he saw his van after being modified with his road kill Santa on the front. We delivered a signed Christmas card to the troop with a challenge to take Santa to another troop in the area before Christmas.

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  • Santa Fun Run

    Santa Fun Run

    Author: Bailey Blyth | Date: 4th December 2012

    On Saturday 24th November some of the Upchurch Scouts went to a Santa Fun Run in Rochester. We started the run at the top of the high street and finished the run at Rochester Castle.
    It was raining all day but nobody seemed to mind.
    As we waited to walk down to the starting point; when the whistle blew most of the youngsters sprinted off and left some adults and teenage boys and girls behind. We all ran down Rochester High Street and back of to the Castle.
    When we reached the finish line we all got given a medal for completing the run. We had our picture taken with the Mayor of Medway and we are all so proud of what we achieved.
    To round off the day Regan Blyth (my brother) and Thomas Webb both from 1st Upchurch, completed their Chief Scouts Gold Award. and the rest of us gained our Fitness Challenge Badges.
    Overall the day was fantastic and made us all feel good raising money and profile for Scouts and the Rotary Club, with many thanks to Julia, one of our Scout Leaders.
    We are all so proud of Upchurch Scouts and feel we have all done so well.


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  • Buckmore park

    Author: Daniel Gormley | Date: 14th November 2012

    It was my camp and i had a great time,we collected fire wood and made fures and we coiked on the fire

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  • Photography Badge

    Author: Max Jones | Date: 11th November 2012

    Last Tuesday, me and two others from my scout group went to a local photographers studio to learn about cameras and how they worked, In this progress we earned our photograph badge.

    In one night, we learnt how far away a light should be away from a wall ,the best backdrops and even how different lights from different angles effected the picture.
    We learnt lots and had fun.

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  • Joti my big mistake

    Author: Max Jones | Date: 11th November 2012

    Last Saturday my scout troop were joined by our cubs and beavers to attend Joti.
    On Joti we either were speaking or webcaming through a computer to the scouting network around the world.
    We spoke to people from the other side of the world, some were from Canada, Australia, U.S and many more.
    I was speaking to someone for 45 minutes, thinking they were scouts but when I read the name of the group I found that the person I was talking to was an Australian girl guide !
    Baggy my scout leader found this very amusing!

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  • a freezing cold night at Buckmore park

    Author: Max Jones | Date: 11th November 2012

    On the 27/28 October our scout group went to Buckmore Park.
    The one night away was a survival camp and each of our patrols had to make a fire, tent and a survival shelter to protect our bags when it rained. In the middle of the night, Baggy our scout leader, played a trick on us all where he put a Halloween mask on and made some scary noises and then shook our tents. We also had two people invested including Mrs Baggy. When I came home my mum washed all of my clothes several times and still couldn't get the smell of fire out of them!

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  • Visit by Porchlight

    Author: Skip | Date: 20th October 2012

    It was quite an emotional evening and also thought provoking when the Scouts met Carlton during our troop night on Friday. Carlton told the scouts his story of how he had lived on the streets for 8 Years and what had led him to become homeless. He also explained how he turned his life around thanks to Porchlight who are a local charity.
    Even though the scouts are young they listened quietly and when it came to question time there was no stopping them they wanted to know more. At the end of the evening the Scouts asked how they could help people like Carlton and when it was suggested by leaders that next year we would do another sponsored sleep out in cardboard box's and that the money this time would be donated to Porchlight they left with a smile on their faces, with promises to see Carlton & Rachael again when they had a cheque to present to them. I would certainly recomend a visit from Porchlight to any Scout or Explorer Section. 

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  • Joti

    Author: EagleXFaZe | Date: 20th October 2012

    We are having a brilliant day about 13 of us on joti talking to the world having the time of our lifes I suggest to go on it it is on until monday morning have a go and meet some amazing people!

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  • JOTI 2012

    Author: Daniel Gormley | Date: 20th October 2012

    I am having a great time,we just went live on the radio,sittingbourne FM.They played ganmang style and we all did the dance!We spoke to over 29 contrys since 10am this morning.

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  • Poland and Beyond!

    Author: Nick (ASL) Wateringbury | Date: 20th October 2012

    Just finished chatting to an awesome group in Poland and their HQ is in a tower about the Scout shop. Here is a google streetview of their place...
    I also chatted to Scouts from Russia, Australia, New Zealand and New York USA. Such an amazing experiance to meet and hear about what Scouts around the world want to do! They are all amazed that I have been to Brownsea and Gilwell...everyone around the world wants to go there!!

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  • Another great day

    Author: 1st Milton R BEAST | Date: 9th October 2012

    Why is it all scout days are Fridays the best day of the week why not Wednesdays or Thursdays to cheer me up? Oh well maybe a bit more done on my fitness that I already got. Bring it on Beeb test I'm coming for you!

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  • Summer camp!!!!!

    Author: Ugg | Date: 15th August 2012

    We went to Hamlet Wood near Maidstone for a week and it was great! We built a monkey bridge, cooked roast dinner on the fire, went to some caves, and the best bit was when we went kayaking. We went down the river and stopped at a lock. Then we were allowed to jump in off the lock and most of us did. All the leaders jumped as well but they were scared.
    Even the weather was good except for one day when we had a massive thunderstorm and loads of rain.
    In the evenings we all watched the olympics because the leaders made a tv from a groundsheet and a laptop and they put the arial up the flagpole. That was fun because we never had tv at camp before.

    Scout Troop: St Pauls Rusthall, 2nd RTW

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  • Getting Lost!

    Author: Deltafork | Date: 5th July 2012

    Not long from this day we went moth hunting. We had a great time we saw many types of species of bugs,insects and moths. When we finished we all started walking back on the path towards the church. (this was at Milton Country Park)(the Creek) When we got back to the church,we noticed that we were someone missing. We were a leader short! It was 10:00pm just turned dusk and the longest day of the year, we was also wearing high vizz jackets, How did our leader get lost? Your answer is: no clue. You can see the church all around the country park and he still can't find his way back! His name is: Mang The Bat. (that means one thing, his bat sonar wasn't working that night.)

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  • Try Angle awards

    Author: Max jones | Date: 5th July 2012

    On Thurs 21st June myself, Jake and our leader Baggy went to the Try Angle Awards at Winter Gardens, Margate. Our troop, 1st Milton was nominated to pick up a certificate for the huge number of voluntary community hours we have done.  As this was our first Try Angle Award it was a great honour to represent my proud scout troop. It was brilliant to see people from Swale ,Thanet and Canterbury, ages 11-18, picking up their awards.

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  • Moth night

    Author: Max jones | Date: 5th July 2012

    Yesterday, the 22nd of June, 1st Milton Regis scout group went to Milton Creek Country Park to study and watch moths.
    When we walked through the country park we met an expert setting up a glass box which he had attached to a long orange power cord to his car. He then connected two lights what looked white, but when he put another light source next to it, the  white light amazingly turned blue. After ten whole minutes of waiting our very first moth flew into the glass trap where we could have a better look at her. As the sun was going down we started to gather moths from the parks ground. Unfortunately the evening was going to be too long so we left to go home at 10:30pm.  On the way back we saw flying bats and foxes in the grass. It was a mothtastic night!

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  • Queens Diamond Jubilee

    Author: Matthew Tinnion | Date: 19th June 2012

    On Saturday 2nd June 2012 local scouts went in troops to celebrate the queens diamond jubilee. Their were loads of activities like: curling, archery, bouncy castles, a scavenger hunt,badge making, coloring, slippery pole, elastic band shooting, target throwing, minute challenges(4) and much much more . People had to find the mysterious diamond thief by asking for clues by the leaders who were running the fun events, the leaders said something like "I heard that the diamond thief is tall and wearing shorts."

    2nd Garlinge won the cooking a cake competition also Elise won the prize for doing the most things (scouts) and Alfie for the same (beavers) they both won a framed certificate and a limited edition queens diamond jubilee badge (21915 have been made, one badge for each day of the 60 years)

    Thankfully the weather made it a great day as most of the events were outside and also the people that were sleeping the night before and after the event had a great time with the help of the weather.

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  • Gilwell camp

    Author: Max jones | Date: 9th June 2012

    On Fri eve 25/5, my scout and cub group from 1st Milton took a coach up to Gilwell park. The first thing we had to do was to put up  four patrol tents, mess tent, Marquee.  Saturday we were split into 2 groups, red and blue group. I was proud to be given the role of leader for blue team.   The first thing to have a go at was medium ropes, where I had to climb a tree and walk across a thin log to another tree.m After lunch we did an adventure course and had to climb over and under things without dropping a cup full of water. Grass sledging was next and lasted for an hour and a half.  Our meal was f.a.b. Sunday we had to air the tents by rolling up the side of the army tents. After breakfast we had to air our tents, then we left for our zip wiring.  This was up 20feet high . After that we had to strike our camp and leave for the 3G swing. I was told that I went the highest of the day ! Then we left our camp and went home. What a hot camp to remember . 

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  • extreme investitures?

    Author: Baggy AGSL 1st Milton Regis | Date: 9th June 2012

    25th 26th 27th Of May 2012 1st Milton Regis Scout and cub camp to Gilwell park.

    Sunday afternoon in the searing heat we hauled Brady our newest scout up as high as we could on the 3G swing, we held him there whilst he made his promise during his investiture and Zac, who accompanied him, pulled the release cord and the 3G swing swung into action much to the delight of all concerned.

    Sadly none of the photographs came out due the speed of the swing! and we do need to edit the sound on the video. So hopefully the video will follow soon does this count as an entry in extreme invetitures???????? 

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    Author: Ryan Howell (deltafork) | Date: 22nd May 2012

    Woo Hooo! Done a hike last Saturday. It was only 4 miles but it felt like we were walking for years, because we went threw kiss gates then we jumped loads of ponds. Then there would be styles that I could climb over that is a bonus.After a hour of walking at 12:00AM we got to boil our own hot chocolate on our own little mini gas stoves, I done that but I also boiled some Vinto,(tasted good too,my friends agreed), There is nothing wrong with being creative. See you soon 1st Milton Regis. Over and out.

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    Author: Skip – Amanda Seymour 01795 521744 | Date: 15th May 2012

    If you'd have told me last year that I would be sitting on a horse to invest 9 Scouts into the Troop you'd have heard me say "no way, hosay !!!", and yet on Friday evening down in Conyer that's exactly what I did. I have to say it wasn't my idea but that of some of the Scouts who were going to be invested, as a number of them go horse riding.

    Those of you who know me, know that I like a challenge and this was definitely that as I'm actually scared stiff of horses although I didn't actually tell the Scouts this until after the investiture was complete. I think my shaky voice and shaking hand during the making of the Scout Promise may have given it away and also my face when such a well behaved Ellie (the horse), decided that she'd been standing still long enough and wanted to go for a little walk with me still aboard. However with the re-assurance of her owner Suzanne Whittaker I managed to stay seated, got led round in a circle until I was facing the same way again and continued with the next 4 investitures. "Just relax" Suzanne and Claire told me, that's alright for them as they are both competent riders who have been riding for years!, this is me stuck up here on the horse, the one who used to shut herself in the stables so the horses couldn't get in when she had to look after her sisters horses when the family went on holiday!!.

    Frances one of my Scouts who is Suzanne's daughter looked on with a big smile on her face as did the many parents who'd come to watch. We never normally have that many parents come along, I'm sure they all had their video's going just in case there was one of those "you've been framed moments".

    One by one the 9 Scouts walked over and were shown how to get up on Frances's horse Dotty, who just stood there perfectly still for the whole time. Two of the Scouts were as nervous as I was but with encouragement they overcame those nerves and both made their promises whilst making the sign and holding onto the reins for dear life with the other hand.

    After the parents left us all the Scouts in the Troop were offered the opportunity to have a ride on both the horses around the paddock. Needless to say I didn't take up this offer, but managed to dismount in a fairly lady like way.

    Once the horses had been taken away for a well earned rest we then started our very own Human Gymkhana. Frances and her mum had kindly set up the jumps at a decent height which would allow the scouts to jump over them. So the fun began as the whistle blew and one by one the Scouts went around the jumps whilst being timed. A refusal or a fence down added another 4 seconds to their time. It was nearly dark when at 9.15pm we had our winners. In 3rd Place came India, in 2nd Place came Molly and in 1st Place came Luke. All three Scouts were presented with their winning medals.

    What a fantastic evening we had, and a really big thank you must go to Suzanne and Frances Whittaker for allowing us to share their horses with us and also to Claire and Jade for helping them to organise a very safe and enjoyable evening for the Scouts.

    I don't know, trampolining at Christmas, Horse riding in May, who knows where the next investiture will take place!. To find out you're just going to have to read our article each month !! For those of you thinking a parachute jump or sky diving might be good I'm sure there's something in the Scout Rules about dangerous activities and risk assessments which will rule it out!!!!.

    That's it for this month !

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  • Saint George's day 2012

    Author: Max Jones | Date: 29th April 2012

    Last Sunday our Scouts, Cubs and Beaver pack joined the district's St George's day at Bexon lane. Despite the cold wet weather the turnout was excellent.  We were joined by the Mayor and Mayoress of Swale.  We had a flag parade followed by a service.  I was pleased to receive a prize for my entry in the design a centenary badge competition. The afternoon ended with an enjoyable fete.

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  • Badge Presentation Evening

    Author: James Brooking | Date: 5th April 2012

    On Friday evening Beavers,Cubs and Scouts from 1st Milton Regis attended a badge presentation at Bexon Lane. I was one of the first Scouts to receive the Olympic badge and certificate in Kent. Many of our troop received badges and awards. We had an enjoyable evening,playing games and singing round the campfire.

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  • Campfire and badge night

    Author: Max Jones | Date: 2nd April 2012

    Last night my scout group had a badge night joined by the beavers and cubs up at Bexon lane. Firstly, we had to find items which were  hidden around the site. We had around 6 riddles to unscramble . Then we had a campfire where we sung our favourite scout  songs. At the end of the day there was a badge presentation , 2 people got the first  Olympic challenge badges in our district and I was chuffed to get a bronze and silver community challenge badge together with an environmental badge.  We all had a fab evening but I don't think mum will be happy with the scent of my shirt from the fire!

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  • Tent pitching 1/4/12

    Author: Max jones | Date: 2nd April 2012

    This morning at Bexon lane my scout group met up to try again at putting the 8 man tent in under an hour.  We tried our very best to do this task, and we did it! We all had fun putting up the tent and had to help each other in everything we did.  Even though this was our second and last time of practicing putting up the tent, this shall prepare us for the big day at our Gilwell Park camp in May.  

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  • Kent Scout County Hike

    Author: Ella W-P | Date: 18th March 2012

    Yesterday over 40 teams which includes at least 3 teams from my District (sittingbourne and Milton) went on a Kent county Hike. There were 3 levles scouts could do - Bronze (6 miles) silver (10 miles) and Gold (12 miles). The one that my team did was the Silver Level. We had to get up really early to start and be there
    by 7.45am. We had to remember to take with us all of our kit as it was checked when we got there. Along the way of the hike there were lots of different activities to do including a memory game, a gutter-gush challenge and a communication task. The weather wasn't really good as it rained then stopped raining and then it started raining again.... I found the hike quite challenging but in the end i managed to complete it. I am quite proud of finishing the hike. When i got home i just chilled and relaxed after a long day - at bedtime it only took me two minutes to get to sleep as i was shattered. A good day well spent.

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  • tent pitching

    Author: Max Jones | Date: 16th March 2012

    On Saturday morning, 10/3/12, our scout and cub group went up to Bexon Lane to get us prepared for our camp at Gilwell Park which is at the end of May. It took us 90 mins to put up the
    7-8 man tent. We need to reduce the time to 1 hour. After putting up our tents we had to find an imaginary person's things for our search and rescue badge. We had to find things like keys, bags, shoes, and many other items , including our leader ( Baggys) phone which was under a pile of leaves. After putting our canvas away in the bags, we left the site as if we hadn't been there.

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  • H2O Party

    Author: Ella W-P | Date: 12th March 2012

    Last Saturday 105 Scouts from our District went to a pool party at Swallows Leisure Centre in Sittingbourne. Lots of Scouts from my group went and lots of Scouts went who I know from District camps. By the pool was a very loud disco and in the pool were lots of inflatables and the wave machine was also on at some times.
    This was great fun as this was the first Scout pool party we had run in our District. It was so good that I think our District will do another one of these events later in the year which I will definetly go to.

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  • Little Potters

    Author: Luke | Date: 11th March 2012

    Last Friday night 20 Scouts from 1st Teynham Scout Group spent the evening at Little Potters in Sittingbourne painting plaques to commemorate our 100th year of Scouting in the village. This event has also counted towards our Creative Challenge Badge,and all 3 sections from Teynham have now taken part in this activity during the week creating over 60 plaques. The plaques will now be judged by our committee and there will be a winner from each section, who will all receive a prize as well as an overall winner! It was such a great evening for everyone!

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  • sklr

    Author: Gemma | Date: 4th March 2012

    We 1st milton scout group had a really fun day at the sklr.We all helped to make a home for stag beetles, so that they can grow and breed in saftey.For our reward the volunteers let us have a go on the hand pump cart,it was lots of fun!!!Roll on next time for some more hard work and lots more fun.

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  • SKLR clean up

    Author: Max jones | Date: 4th March 2012

    This morning my scout group and I went to the Sittingbourne and Kemsley light railway to help out prepare the grounds before the opening day at Easter .
    First of all, we all jumped onto a steam train to get to our destination where we were going to help clean up. Next we were asked to dig a 2 foot hole in the wildlife area ,we then piled the hole with lots of old parts of trees and finished the area by filling in the gaps between the logs with bark.
    After we had lunch which refreshed our energy levels, we had a go on the two man pump trolley which was hard work especially up hill. The 6 hour day ended with a steam train ride back to Kemsley Halt.
    What a chugging busy day we all had.

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  • Swimming on saturday

    Author: Ryan Howell | Date: 4th March 2012

    I went swimming yesterday with my scout group (5 of us) we had loads of fun and I would like to go again. the only problem was they did not get the inflated obstacle course and the slide. that was what ruined it for me. but I was still able to enjoy my self so I would go again if I was given the chance!

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  • African Drums

    Author: Jennie Brandon | Date: 1st March 2012

    on Monday 27th of February our scout group had 60 jembe drums in and we learnt how to play them all the kids had lots of fun and really enjoyed the evening 

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  • 1st Milton Regis Beaver Camp

    Author: Max Jones | Date: 28th February 2012

    After putting up my tent we played rounders, football and manhunt.
    After a hearty dinner we had a campfire at which we sang all the loved scout songs and was accompanied by the DC and Explorers .
    After a night under canvas, Sunday morning brought the sunshine and we practiced shooting an air rifle and fired arrows from a bow. The day ended with a last game of football .
    What a unforgettable weekend of scouting


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  • This Morning

    Author: Max Jones | Date: 18th February 2012

    This morning our scout troop was joined by Upchurch with our young friends the beavers and cubs , we planted 271 saplins at Milton Country Park to improve our local enviroment.
    We all loved our experience.

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  • Planting a Royal Oak

    Author: James Brooking | Date: 18th February 2012

    This morning a scout, a cub and a beaver from our troop planted a Royal Oak sapling in Milton Creek Country Park, Sittingbourne. We all enjoyed the experience of tree planting.

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  • Bexon Cub and Scout Meeting

    Author: Emma Knowles | Date: 12th February 2012

    On Friday us and the cub section has ajoint meeting at Bexon Lane where we sang songs around the campfire and had a badge presentation by Baggy and ADC cubs.

    On a sad note we had to say goodbye to two of our scouts who moved up to Explorers and I wish them well

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  • The Blog It Challenge!

    Author: Kent Scout Support Team | Date: 11th February 2012

    Are you up for the challenge?


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  • House to house

    Author: Miles - Iwade | Date: 10th February 2012

    had such a good time we did a safari dinner the first house we went to was joes house we had some jaffa cakes!!! after we did his house we walked to my house oh well we had some lovely warm sausage rolls.after running across the park (so fun!!!) we then went to our leaders flat them donuts were so nice some people\'s faces were so messy. we then went back to the hall were we got some cake but i diddn\'t like it! we then went to lucys house it started to rain so we were allowed in the warm we had some lovely hot choclate and sqush the amout of marshmallows we all put in filled the whole cup we then walked back to the hall. i went home and was not hungry at all i had a belly full of filling,warm andtasty food thanks for a great night!!!

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  • Circus Skills Day

    Author: Leonie Wood | Date: 10th February 2012

    I went to the county circus skills day, to earn my badge and what I had to do was learn how to walk on wooden stilts, roller bollas, diabolos, flower sticks, juggling, balancing ball, tightrope, unicycle, pogo stick, chinese pois and the best of all once we mastered the wooden stilts we were allowed to try out the cool jumping stilts. After that we had a lunch break and then we had to find a skill that we liked the most and I chose the chinese pois, we had to practice for about an hour, and then we got to perform in front of all the scouts. Once we all finished, all the people who taught us all the skills, came round, shook our hands and gave us our circus skills activity badges. In the end my experience turned out to be brilliant. Thank you Kent Scouts for a wonderful day.

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  • 511 Tree Saplings

    Author: Paul Bradford | Date: 5th February 2012

    Our Scout Group have been given 511 tree saplings by the woodland trust as part of the Jubilee woods scheme, which will see the planting of 6 million trees to mark the Queens Jubilee.
    Last Saturday aong with our Beavers and Cubs we planted 30 trees and over the next few weeks we are planning to plant the rest.
    Next weekend we are being joined by Upchurch scouts and we will be planting an Oak tree that has been grown from a seed taken from one of the Royal estates.   

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  • Life as an Earley Troup Scout

    Author: Adam Nasskau | Date: 3rd February 2012

    Life as an Earley Troup Scout was never going to be dull with Paul, Jason and Dave as our leaders.

    I was excited about moving up to Scouts as I had been a Cub for a few years and had got to know many of the boys who had already gone up to Scouts.

    As a Cub I had been on a few activities but had no idea of all the new experiences I would come across in the next few years.

    I was invested at Dartford Fire Station in June 2009 on one of our many outings. This was just the start of the many opportunities to see and try new things with boys that I now have as friends.

    Over the next two years I have built my strength and stamina by taking part in our Annual Tug of War competitions and 5 a side football competitions, slept in freezing snowy conditions at Gilwell Winter Camp, climbed peaks in the Yorkshire Dales at Summer Camp, Climbed, Caved and fished my way around the country, jumped off cliff edges Coasteering, exploring London at the Lord Mayors show. I even handled a solid gold bar, which sadly I wasn’t allowed to keep.

    I have ridden Segways, Zorbed in a giant beach ball and been dragged by Power Kites, just to mention a few of the activities.

    These many experiences have been made so much better by the fact that I have been surrounded by friends and people who have encouraged me when I wasn’t sure if I could make it, laughed with me, and at me, when I felt fed up and miserable and supported me in making the years that I have spent in Scouts as much fun as they have been.

    Adam Nasskau 
    Eagles Patrol - Earley Scout Troup
    5th Dartford Scout Group 

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  • Winter Camp 2012

    Author: Henry McCarron | Date: 3rd February 2012

    This year’s wintercamp was at Gilwell Park and was from Friday 6th January to Sunday 9th of January. There were around 4,500 Scouts, Explorers, Guides and Rangers attending this sub-zero camp. There were around 30 activities to choose to participate in. These include; segways, laser clay, shooting, climbing, pedal go-karts and the coconut tree climb. We got to the campsite on the Friday evening and left around lunchtime on the Sunday.

    When we got to the camp-site we were assigned our tents and unpacked all of our kit into our tents, then we went for a walk around the campsite. Later in the evening we went back to our marquee where we had hot dogs to eat for a little snack and some hot chocolate for a drink. It was all very nice, and it warmed us up a bit as it got progressively colder as the night went on. After we had something to eat and drink we were allowed to go and do things and come back at 11:00pm. When we did get back at 11pm then we were told to go into our tents and go to sleep, obviously no-one did go to sleep! When we eventually got to sleep it was actually quite warm in our tents and lots of people were moaning because they had two sleeping bags and were hot so they had to take one off.

    When we woke up on the Saturday morning we had a lovely cooked breakfast including sausages, eggs, beans, bacon and some bread to make it all into one big sandwich (if you think you could handle it that is). The activities that I took part in were; agrocat, laser clay, robot football and we went to the technology room. The argocats are little amphibious all terrain vehicles, you sit in the passenger seat as a professional drives you round the course at high speeds, the ride was very exhilarating and I enjoyed it loads. If you are over 14 years old then you can drive it round yourself and be taught how to handle the corners (that’s if you’re brave enough!) The laser clay pigeon shooting I found very fun and competitive, you are in a group of six and have to score as many points as you can, you get 2 points if you hit the clay, you use laser rifles that shoot a laser and bounce off of the clay and back to your gun to know if you hit it. After each disc is fired and hit the scores come up on a screen to tell you if you hit it, I found this very fun and exciting, it will also suit you if you are a very competitive person and like to win everything! In the robot football you stand in a little inflatable stadium and in the middle is a small football pitch and a football, you are either on the red or blue team and have to control your robot using a joystick and have to try and score as many goals as you can in the time limit of the match. The technology room includes Ipads, Ipods, wii’s and lots of other game consoles, you can play games and do lots of other things on the technology provided, there is also a survey to do that asks you about you and your scouts in a whole, I found this room very interesting and I would recommend it to anyone who likes technology because it is filled with lots of fun and interactive things to do. Then we went back to our marquee to have our lunch, we had some lovely hot chicken super-noodles! They warmed us up from all of the cold weather that we had to put up with during the day (the nights were a lot warmer than the days!)

    On the Saturday after lunch we were allowed to do more activities. The activities that I did in the afternoon were: the segways, pedal go karts, coconut tree climb and the ropeophobia. The segways are small two wheeled electric mobiles, they were set out on a course that you were allowed to do 3 laps of, and before you went onto the course you were given a brief explanation and tutorial of how to ride the segways and the basics of controlling them. They were very fun to ride and were a completely new experience for me and were very different to any other things that I have ever done before in my lifetime as a scout. Due to the fact that lots of people had been on them before me it made the course very muddy and slippery which made it even more exciting because I was slipping around a bit. I would recommend it to any thrill seekers who are willing to participate in a fun and exciting segway ride. The basic idea of the pedal go karts is a small go kart frame with a steering wheel and some pedals to ride it with, you can ride them round a little course in a race with up to 4 people in at one time, it is a race for first place! This is good for anyone who s very competitive and who like racing and winning. They are good fun to ride and race with. In the coconut tree climb what you have to do is you are strapped to a harness and have to climb a coconut tree using your hands or feet, if you think that you could not manage it just with the ridges on the coconut tree then you can try the other coconut tree that has some climbing handhelds to help you to get up, it is very hard and to complete it you need a lot of strength in your arms and legs, when I did it I had to use the one with the handhelds because it looked very hard without them so I did not lose my place in the que if I did not complete it.  The ropeophobia is a high wire assault course that is suspended high above the ground; you are harnessed in and have to firstly get on to the high course by climbing up a rope ladder, then you have to complete the course by sliding down the pole at the end to complete the course. It is very fun and I would recommend it to anyone who likes heights and is very good at climbing and assault courses (if you are scared of heights or do not think you could make it I would recommend you not to take part in this activity).

    On the Saturday evening we went back to our marquee to have our dinner, we had a lovely curry, you could choose from a chicken or beef variety of curry, it came complete with rice, poppadoms, naan bread and some mango chutney.  It was very nice and refreshing and filled us up with lots of food and energy for the long night ahead! After we had finished our dinner we were told that we had to be back at our camp by 12:00pm! During this time we were allowed to go to one of the lodges to watch a film that night, the films that were on  show were; Alvin and the chipmunks 1 and 2, Transformers, toy story 3 or Narnia The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. They were very good, the selection was good as well because you could go and see a film that you’ve never seen before, or watch one that you have seen before and want to watch again. After the films were over the disco started up, it was mad and the people that were the DJ’s were very good and played some very good music and all of the people who attended the disco had a very good time. When the disco had ended we made our way back to the campsite, then when we got there we sat by the fire and had a talk about what we had done at the camp and what we liked about it. Then when it reached 12pm everyone went to their tents to sleep. Some people stayed up late but most people went straight to sleep because they were so tired after doing all of the activities that they had done during the day. The Saturday night was colder than the Friday night but it was still pretty warm during the night.

    On the Sunday morning we woke up and had our cooked breakfast that was the same as the morning before, it was also very nice. Then we started to pack up our kit and pile it up, the leaders take our tents down while we went to do more activities. The activity that I took part in was the Laser Quest; in this game you can choose your gun that can have either a red dot sight or a sniper scope, there were also a range of different guns like machine guns, 3 round bursts and sniper rifles. There are 2 teams, red and blue, the objective is to kill the other team members using your guns. You get 2 games and the winners of both games are crowned the overall winners. It is a very good game and I would recommend it to anyone who goes to WinterCamp.

    Overall I really enjoyed this camp and I will definitely go again next year, if you have never been I would recommend it to you as probably the best camp ever. The best bits were the range of the activities and the quality of the activities, the other best bit was definitely the food that you get to eat. I would recommend this camp to anyone who wants an adventurous sub-zero camp and all of the excitement of the activities that are available for you. If you have never been before I hope that you go next year and have a lot of fun and enjoy it. Let the sub-zero adventure begin!      

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  • Centenary Celebrations Begin For 1st Teynham Scout Group

    Centenary Celebrations Begin For 1st Teynham Scout Group

    Author: 1st Teynham Scout Leader | Date: 21st January 2012

    Saturday Evening saw nearly 60 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Young Leaders, Committee Members and Leaders from all Sections kick off the Village Scout Groups 100 Year Celebrations with a MUSIC EXTRAVAGANZA which was held in the Community Hall at Teynham. Over 150 parents and grandparents watched as 33 acts followed one after another. The evening started with the Scouts performing their version of "We Will Rock You" by Queen as well as a Status Quo number and many others. The Beavers performed "Hey Baby" and The Smurfs, the Cub Section entertained everyone with the "Bay City Rollers,S-Club Seven and Twist Rock & Roll". The Young leaders also joined in with their version of Bruno Mars "Lazy Song", and an extremely funny version of Martin Solveig’s - Hello Whilst leaders and Committee members performed their version of "Titanic" in a small dingy, Ken Dodd and the Diddymen, In the Navy by the Village people, and ending with Jedwood. There are just too many acts to mention. The Group thanked everyone present and also Representatives from the village for the fantastic support they have given the Group over the past 100 years.

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  • Guess What ! update

    Author: Ella Webster-Peal | Date: 4th December 2011

    On Wednesday 14th December 2011 Scouts from 1st Iwade Scouts and 1st Newington Scouts went Scuba Diving at Swallows Swimming pool in Sitttingbourne.
    People from Woodstock Divers became our instructors for the evening and 8 Scouts tried Scuba diving for the first time. We got to wear all the proper scuba diving jacket and air tank that was attached to it.
    We took it in turns to try this new adventure experience and everyone really enjoyed it. When we were waiting to scuba we were allowed to relax and play in the swimming pool - which was fun as we had the pool to ourselves.
    The whole evening took two and a half hours which included being told about all the equipment and safety rules. Time went quickly as we were all involved in what we were doing that we didn't notice time go by.
    At the very end of the session we all got an information pack and a certificate.
    Thanks to all the Woodstock divers for making this free adventure activity very enjoyable for the Scouts and to Roger from 1st Newington Scouts for introducing the Scouts to scuba diving at Swallows.
    I think that all Scouts that took part would definitely go scuba diving again as it was really good fun and very different from our previous Scouting experiences.
    Thanks Scouts for another adventure!

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  • Scouts Quiz

    Author: Ellie Brown | Date: 30th November 2011

    Scouts Quiz blog post

    On Thursday 24th November 2011 there was a scouts quiz held at 8th Dartford HQ Oakfield lane. It was a very good night. You would be in teams of 6. The quiz involved games like where you had a picture of a celebrity and then you had to figure out the name of the celebrity. Then there was another one where you had to choose someone from your team; they had 2 bowls 1 bowl had 10 smarties in it and the other had nothing in it, you had to get the 10 smarties from one bowl to another to get the full points; there was a catch you was only allowed to use a straw.

    You were allowed to bring your own refreshments; you had to work as a team and to make sure that everyone in your team did something. The games and quizzes that was chosen for the night was very good and some were easy and some were fairly hard. There was a group of leaders and they were allowed to play but there points were not included.

    Here are the scout groups that came 1st and 2nd:

    1st Place- 5th Early

    2nd Place- 6th Dartford Scout Group

    It was a very good and fun night and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and i know i did!  


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  • Morfa Bay

    Morfa Bay

    Author: Ben Hardy | Date: 4th October 2011

    Morfa Bay Report

    By Ben Hardy

    Morfa Bay Adventure was the best camp I have ever been on! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity with fantastic activities like Coasteering and the Mud Assault Course.

    The Leaders and Instructors were really fun to be around and were very supportive. It was brilliant that the leaders joined in with our activities (Dean looked like a mud monster after finishing the Assault Course).

    We met at the services and drove up on the coach. When we arrived we were greeted by our instructors and allocated into our dorms. It was great being in a room with 12 other people. We did three activities a day, which included a night activity on the beach or a hike. I thought it was really good and fun.

    The best activity was coasteering because we got to jump off rocks and cliffs into the sea. One of the jumps was fifty feet tall and it was higher than the climbing tower. We also got a spin in the washing machine, which was a place on the way to the jumps where you sat in the water and the waves spun you around. It was amazing how powerful the water was.

    Some of the other activities were: Climbing, Abseiling, High Ropes, Caving, Water activities in the sea, Hikes, Woodland Scramble and many more! Some of us even did axe throwing and archery!

    I would defiantly love to do it all again someday!

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    Author: nathan ribbens | Date: 31st July 2011

    heatwave was one of the best camp i have been too, the actives were amazing. everyone was so friendly and i made so many good friend. i would recommed this camp to anyone, aslo the instrutor were so funning and great fun

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    Author: nathan ribbens | Date: 31st July 2011

    heatwave was one of the best camp i have been too, the actives were amazing. everyone was so friendly and i made so many good friend. i would recommed this camp to anyone, aslo the instrutor were so funning and great fun

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    Author: David Harris | Date: 29th July 2011

    I have had a brilliant time here at heatwave. I have met lots of people and made loads of new friends. I have also enjoyed all of the activities, some of which I have done before, but its always good to go back to the basics. The food here has also been amazing and there has been no time in the week that I have been hungry. I think that the set out of the weeks activities has been done very well. But I have to admit that the activity I enjoyed the most was the Coasteering. Last but not least i would like to say a big thank you to the Kent Scouts support team and all of the leaders that have helped organise and put on this camp!

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    Author: David Harris | Date: 29th July 2011

    I have had a brilliant time here at heatwave. I have met lots of people and made loads of new friends. I have also enjoyed all of the activities, some of which I have done before, but its always good to go back to the basics. The food here has also been amazing and there has been no time in the week that I have been hungry. I think that the set out of the weeks activities has been done very well. But I have to admit that the activity I enjoyed the most was the Coasteering. Last but not least i would like to say a big thank you to the Kent Scouts support team and all of the leaders that have helped organise and put on this camp!

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    Author: Little Lewis | Date: 29th July 2011

    I like Jenny!I have enjoyed the activities a lot!I love the food especially the Jacket potato but I have not gone hungry!My favorite activity is caving and climbing.

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    Author: Sam - Blacklands | Date: 29th July 2011

    I have loved every minute of this years Heatwave and defiantly don't regret coming. I enjoyed the coasteering the most. I have defiantly mastered my fear of highest. At Morfa Bay they have the most amazing climbing tower. The tower hosted many activities, Zip Wire, High Ropes, and a climbing wall. I managed to walk up the climbing wall blindfolded. Overall I think this years Heatwave was the best ever and I will never hesitate to go on next years.

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  • Heatwave11

    Author: Brandon | Date: 29th July 2011

    Heatwave11 blog post

    at heatwave there are many many activities to do and i would recommend it to every one :)

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  • Heatwave11

    Author: chantelle cox | Date: 29th July 2011

    Heatwave11 blog post

      This week I have done lots of activities like:

    •  mountain bikes
    • high ropes
    • rock climbing
    • zip wire
    • caving
    • woodland walk
    • surfing

      I have enjoyed all of them but if I was to pick the best one it would be woodland          walk.

     Good points about woodland walk:

    • you get muddy
    • you climb
    • you get wet

     Bad points about woodland walk:

    • you have to wear a wetsuit witch is tight.

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    Author: Matt - 1st Minster | Date: 27th July 2011

    Hi I'm Matt from 1st minster. i think that you should have come down to morfa bay because it has a huge range of activities like sea activities and climbing not forgetting the caving or the coasteering!

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    Author: Kieran Tyler | Date: 27th July 2011

    Hi, my name is Kieran from Agathoid explorer unit. So far Heatwave has been brilliant, it has been the best camp that I have been on for many reasons. The activities are very diverse and I have done a lot of things like coasteering which I have never even thought of doing! The dorm rooms are quite big and we have a lot of room for everyone so we aren't in cramoed conditions for once.

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    Author: HEATWAVE | Date: 27th July 2011

    Heatwave has been a great event so far we are only on wednesday but i have had a great time.

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    Author: Terry - Sheppey Explorers | Date: 27th July 2011

    Hi my name is Terry. there is a lovely beach that you can go to where there are lots of caves that you can explore. i have really enjoyed coasteering i think that you are missing out and you should be here on this event.

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  • Survival Weekend

    Author: Ben Hardy | Date: 24th June 2011

    The Survival Weekend was Excellent!!! We learnt a lot of valuable Life Skills like How to survive! We least how to light fires, how to build a shelter and where to put and much more!!!

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  • Pioneering Weekend

    Author: Ben Hardy | Date: 10th June 2011

    The Pioneering weekend was brilliant! We went on the Friday night and set up our tents. When we woke up on Saturday we went to breakfast (which was delicious thanks Helen) and then did campasise. Campasise is Camp exercise and it involved crawling around in the mud just after breakfast. It was great fun! We then set about on the activities. We were split up into groups and assigned our leaders and Pioneering model. One group was making a swing boat with George and Mike. Another group did a monkey bridge with Indie, Liam and Baldilocks. The last group was making an Arial Runway with Andy White and Andy Hardy. We all went to collect the poles, rope (and instructions of course). We then set to work. It was great fun and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Then we tested all the models. Which was the best part of the course. Then while we were having dinner we watched the leaders take it all down in the pouring rain! Then the Medway ADC's came and showed us Mini Pioneering. It was basically constructing a Flag Pole and a Catapult and of miniature poles and string. We then had a contest to see who could fire the catapult furthest. It was really good and fun. Then we had a wide game. Liam dressed up in luminous orange trousers and we had to find him. Eventually one of the groups found him in a patch of brambles and stinging nettles. Then we went to bed. The next morning we had breakfast and then had an assessment to see if we had actually achieved our Pioneering Badge. Thankfully, we all passed and gained our Pioneering Badge at the presentations. Overall, it was a great weekend and I would definitely do it again.

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  • Active8 - Dan Goodman

    Author: Dan Goodman | Date: 12th March 2011


    On the 6th of March Active8 took place with over 70 exhibitors, located at Detling Show Ground (Kent Show Ground). Doors opened at 10am and soon enough a swarm of Leaders and Scouts made their way into the halls full of hands on activities, stalls and seminars. Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Network all had their own stall to demonstrate the sort of activities they do and skills they learn. Other stalls were set up from outside of Scouts, advertising their company, campsite or products. There were plenty of stalls to buy scouting clothing and accessories, badges were not hard to find. For the Cubs and Scouts there was Zorbing and an inflatable total wipe-out styled sweeper.  James, a beaver leader and young district commissioner commented positively on the day:

     I really enjoyed this year's Active 8 event, the stalls were well laid out and very informative, I am already looking forward to the next one! I went along with a few leaders from the 5th Gillingham, and we gathered lots of fresh ideas for our sections, and had a great day as well. Those that were running stalls were very friendly, as well as those that were providing teas and coffees, which were greatly appreciated. I and the other leaders from the 5th Gillingham would like to pass on our thanks to everyone that made the event happen.”

    Overall, I think we can safely say that the event turned out to be a huge success, a day packed full of ideas and inspiration for Leaders and other Scouting fellows. Thank you to everyone that made it happen.

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  • Ministry of food 2011 - Samuel Fairbrass

    Author: Samuel Fairbrass | Date: 10th March 2011

     Scout Troop: The Brent (6th Dartford) Warrior Troop

    District: Dartford

    Blog story: Ministry of food 2011

    Rainham school for Girls

    1st Place

    The Brent 6th Dartford Warrior Troop B Team

    Ellie, Ben , Rebecca

    The B Teams Menu 

    Starter -Portobello Mushrooms with stilton and crème fraiche with walnuts

    Main Course- Curried Cod on a bed of plain rice with yoghurt 

    Dessert-Lemon Tart with vanilla and yoghurt sauce

    2nd Place

    The Brent 6th Dartford Warrior Troop A Team

    The A Teams Menu

    Starter -Fantail Prawns with Avocado Salad

    Main Course - Chicken Puff pastry pie with green beans and new potatoes

    Dessert -Beetroot Cake with chocolate sauce

    We discussed how to plan a menu for a group of scouts and the way we have to store the food.

    We was then shown what we needed to cook a 3 course meal on a budget of just £20.00 

    I helped shop for the ingredients and we managed to buy most of the items at reduced prices. 

    On the day we went to the school and handed our menus and ingredient lists in and was shown to a kitchen. I was nervous at cooking in a kitchen but when I saw how big the kitchens were and how many other scouts there was I was terrified. Our leader helped us calm our nerves and we did a check list of what things were in the cupboard.

    Then we started to prepare our food. Josh started to get his cake ready and Ryan started his prawn salad. Brecon and me started our main course and then realised that we started to early, we turned of the gas and pretended to cook for a bit because we felt silly. Then a girl helper came over and said, you havnt got your gas on let me help you. We laughed because when she went we turned it off again.

    At 12.30 the starter was put on the table and the judges tasted them all we then had to put our main course on the table for 13.00 and the judges tasted again. Josh’s cake was taken out and he put the knife in to test and it went bang. We laughed and he looked cross. But we still got it ready for the judges at 13.30

    We didn’t think we would be called out at the end but we were all happy when we was. We was the only group from Dartford that entered and we won!



    Photos in our Past Event Photos section

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  • THE GREAT COOK OFF - Ellie Brown

    Author: Ellie Brown | Date: 10th March 2011

    Scout Troop: The Brent (6th Dartford) Warrior Troop

    District: Dartford

    Blog story: THE GREAT COOK OFF!!!

    At the ready, all teams at go.  It was Sunday, 23rd January and the nerves were showing. Our challenge was to make a starter, main and a dessert. The teams went up to a maximum of 5 members and we were in a team of 4 at first, then at the last minute we were 1 person down but this did not faze us, we did not give up, we carried on. 

    Our menu was:

    STARTER- Portobello mushrooms with a walnut sauce    

    MAIN- Curried cod on a bed of rice

    DESSERT- Lemon Tart with a vanilla desert sauce 

    I was told that I was to do the dessert and my other team-mates had been told to do either the main or starter.  When I had to serve the dessert I had to stand next to the table because I had made it, the judges tasted it and it was over.  We now had to wait to hear who had come first, second and third. We were nervous, our other team was nervous too.  The time had come and we were told to come through, there was a speech and then we were told the results.

    1st place: Brent 6th Dartford Team B

    2nd place: Brent 6th Dartford Team A

    3rd place: Gillingham

    Our teams had done it, we were 1st and 2nd, and we were so chuffed.  Even our leader Richard was chuffed; actually most of us were speechless.  We were given our trophy and our medals and then we had our photo taken. We all enjoyed it along with our leader Richard; we couldn’t have done it without him! 

    By Ellie Brown 

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  • Winter Sports Day

    Author: Emma Alfieri | Date: 24th February 2011

    On the 20th February 2011 I went to the Winter Sports Day at the Chatham Ski Centre organised for Kent Scouts. This was for a limited amount of Scouts however I was lucky enough to get in as well as 6 others from 11th Tonbridge. The day consisted of 4 winter sports: skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and snow tubing (all extremely fun!).  I couldn't choose a favourite activity as there wasn’t one I didn’t enjoy. In snowboarding we went on the nursery slope to learn the basics, we started by practicing the jumps from the starting position before we went to the top and started to go down. We were assisted at the begging of the way down but when we turned to our side we were on our own. Some of us fell, but I was lucky and only fell once on the jumps. Tobogganing was great. The toboggan was pulled up a vast hill, and then from the top you came down on a metal track.  You could control how fast you were going (when you went very fast you could feel the cold brushing against your face). We also had a go at skiing.  Some of us went on the normal slope but I was a beginner and went on the nursery slope.  We went down lots of times in a variety of ways, including trying to jump!  Finally there’s snow tubing; a section of the slope was cornered off so we could go down safely.  The instructor would spin us down and sometimes we linked tubes, making it even better. I really enjoyed this day out and would recommend it for the future as I am sure I am not the only one who loved it.  So I rate it 5 smiley faces out of 5 

    by Emma Alfieri

     11th Tonbridge - Wildcats


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  • Latest Blog

    Author: Kent Scouts | Date: 9th February 2011

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    Don't forget to tell your leaders as a published blog post ticks off part of your Invicta Challenge!

    It could be a County event you have been to, something you have done in your Scout Troop or what you cooked for dinner! Feel free to send us regular up-dates - its great to hear what people are up to!

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  • Theme Park Day - Dan Goodman

    Author: Jack Liddon | Date: 17th October 2010

    Theme Park Day - By Dan Goodman

    On Sunday 10th October 5 coaches left Buckmore Park to take 200 Scouts from all over Kent.
    The coaches were heading to Thorpe Park for a day scouts have been waiting for all year. Everybody met up at Buckmore Park at 8:30 am, raring to go. After meeting with their leaders scouts boarded the coaches and set off. The trip took an hour and twenty minutes, starting at 9:00 am and arriving at 10:20 am, experiencing some minor traffic jams, which was to be expected on a Sunday morning. Well, any morning really.
    Once everyone had arrived, they all split off into their own small groups. I decided to join a group myself, and met a friendly and very excited bunch of scouts. We started off at customer services where the younger scouts were checked for their height and were given a wristband that meant they didn’t spend half their day being checked for their height at every ride. We started off on a few smaller rides, then moving onto some of the bigger roller coasters. Colossus was most probably the biggest roller coaster we went on that day, although it wasn’t the fastest. Stealth took that position. It would reach up to 80 MPH in 2.6 seconds! We made our way round the park throughout the day, having the time of our lives! We went on Rumba Rapids, Nemesis Inferno, Saw-The Ride, Stealth, X:\No Way Out and not forgetting Loggers Leap. The day turned out to be a great success for everybody, I’m sure if you asked anyone they would give the same response as Liam from West Malling, “It was very fun and exciting, I enjoyed all the rides!”

    By Dan Goodman

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  • Challenge the Chief - Dan Goodman

    Author: Dan Goodman | Date: 17th October 2010

    Challenge the Chief - By Dan Goodman

    Challenge the Chief Day

    On the 3rd October Bear Grylls flew around Kent, encouraging and supporting Kent Scouting.

    He flew in by helicopter, one of the places he visited being the Barn (Lower Grange Farm) in Maidstone. The Scouts had arrived there bright and early at 10 am to get their challenges ready to be tried and tested by the Chief Scout himself. I arrived with my scout group, although I decided to take part in the County Patrol activities. Just before he arrived we were briefed on what we were to do over the day. Nobody else knew, but the county patrol was kidnapping Bear Grylls! There were four groups of kidnappers, each of which was to put on a fancy dress costume. My group was the clown group so straight away we headed off, getting ourselves ready for what was to come. I was put in a group with a couple of girls and another boy, all of which seemed very friendly, and extremely excited! We had our faces painted, and after laughing at each other’s face paint we left to join our scout groups. By the time we had got ourselves ready, so had the scouts with their challenges! Before Bear Grylls arrived we had the chance to go round and try out each other’s challenges. One that I can quite vividly remember was a stool where you tried to eat a teabag the fastest. I myself gave it a try, but after about twenty seconds of chewing on something extremely disgusting I gave up. Everybody was ready for his arrival, but the weather had decided that it was time it started raining. So there we were standing in the pouring rain, waiting for Bear Grylls to fly in, inside his own helicopter. He landed swiftly on the marked area on the grass. Everybody was so excited nobody cared about the rain! Within taking two steps on the ground, the Mafia group had kidnapped him, taking him up the hill to the climbing wall. It was there he conquered the wall with precision, and standing on top he made his speech to scouts from around Kent, telling us that we was something special, and that we should keep that. He then flew down the zip line, and it was there he was kidnapped by the villainous Pirate group. They lead him up to the new headstone, of which he unveiled. After being interview by some news reporters, the Police group snatched him away and brought him inside the Barn. He then flew through all the challenges with no problems at all. Whilst this was happening myself and the rest of the Clown group got together and dressed up ready to kidnap him. We caught him by surprise outside the Barn. Whilst kidnapping him, we all managed to get our bits and pieces signed, before taking him to his next challenge. His last challenge was by far the best; he needed to high five every scout on his way back to his helicopter. All the scouts stood in two lines, creating a pathway in between them in which we was to run down. But not only did Bear Grylls get to take part in this challenge, but all the clowns did so as well. We completed the challenge and said goodbye to our Chief Scout, before he flew off to his next scouting destination.

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  • Challenge the Cheif - Jack Liddon

    Author: Jack Liddon | Date: 17th October 2010

    Challenge the Chief Bear Grylls


    On the 3rd October 2010 Bear Grylls visited The Barn (Lower Grange Farm) where he was greeted by 150 scouts and explorers.

    Bear arrived at The Barn in his helicopter to be welcomed by Dean Harding and 2 scouts. Bear received a Kent Necker before being kidnapped by 5 Gangsters who walked him up to the Climbing Tower. Bear climbed the tower, having a young person belay him, and when he got up to the top he spoke to all of the scouts and explorers.  Bear then went down the Zip wire and yet again got kidnapped but this time by 4 Pirates. The Pirates walked Bear up to the stone plaque were the new climbing centre will be built. Bear unveiled the plaque which said “every young person deserves an adventure. Bear Grylls 3rd October 2010. Inspired. Driven. Delivered by KENT SCOUT YOUTH PROJECT TEAM”

     Bear then had a few photographs taken. After that Bear was kidnapped again by 2 police men and 2 police women who walked bear to the barn were he would have to complete 27 challenges. Bear did as many as he could in the limited amount of time that he had, like to fold away a Decathlon pop up tent, tie a 'Monkey's Fist' with one hand! Say the Scout promise with a mouthful of ice cubes.

    Once he completed most of the challenges Bear high fived all the scouts and explorers at the barn. Bear then went into his helicopter and scouts and explorers all waved goodbye as he left Lower Grange Farm.

    It had been a really memorable day; one we will all enjoyed and are glad we had the opportunity to take part in it.

    Hopefully Bear will have fond memories of his day in Kent too.


    Jack Liddon

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  • Order a Bear Ass T-Shirt

    Author: Jack Liddon | Date: 9th October 2010

    We are now selling Bear Ass T-Shirts Online !

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  • Do you have a BLOG ??

    Author: Jack Liddon | Date: 14th September 2010

    Do you have a BLOG ??

    Tell us about what you have been up to in Scouting! Complete the form on the blog it page  and your blog will be added to the website.

    Don't forget to tell your leaders as a published blog post ticks off part of your Invicta Challenge!

    It could be a County event you have been to, something you have done in your Scout Troop or what you cooked for dinner! Feel free to send us regular up-dates - its great to hear what people are up to!

    click here to write a BLOG

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    Author: Darren Carter | Date: 11th February 2010

    STORM blog post

    Hi, I’m Jack Liddon, a county patrol leader for Kent.

    On the 23rd January 2010 I attended the Kent county STORM event in Whitstable. I went as a media rep with the county patrol, and it was my job to take photographs and report on the day’s events.

    Storm is a laser gun event that was open to all Kent Scouts.

     It was an excellent event, one enjoyed by many.

    The laser zone was very dark and Smokey. Everywhere you looked you could see lasers. There were 6 teams in total, 3 green and 3 orange. The idea of the game was to hit the opposing team with your laser gun. At first people just continually shot with their laser gun, but soon realised that the gun could run out and would need to be energized at the big black boxes in the laser room; wasting precious battle minutes.

    The walls of the laser zone were covered in glow paint. I only realised this after I had leaned against a clothes now have a special glow in the dark feature to them!

    The day was a huge success. Everyone involved had plenty of battles in the laser zone. I would certainly recommend this event for any scouts who would be interested next time.

    By Jack Liddon, County patrol member

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  • Skate and Climb

    Author: Jake Wells | Date: 25th November 2009

    On the 15th of November I went to skate and climb day. There were troops from all around Kent. We had to be at Broadstairs by 10am. When we arrived we had to wait to be signed in and then go into a waiting room. where there were about 20 people and they were all waiting to get on the park. Then a man turned up and told us to get into 3 groups then gave us all different things to do at different times that day. There was climbing skating and team building I had skating first we all ran down to the skating bit to get our kit. We were on each activity for 3 hours I did really well untill I fell off and hurt myself. then we had climbing I got to the top of the wall on both of my goes then we had team building what was interesting and we came last we then had finished and we went. It was a brilliant day except from falling of.

                    By Jake wells.

    Scout Troop: ocelot troop

    District: 1st Gillingham scouts


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  • would you liketo bring your friends to county events

    Author: Dean Harding | Date: 23rd August 2009

    would you liketo bring your friends to county events

    if so let me know


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  • Midnight investiture

    Author: Mark | Date: 1st January 2009

    Hi. My name’s Mark. I’m ten years old, I’ve been through Beavers, Cubs and now I’m a new Scout, in the 3rd Sevenoaks Scout Troop.

    Chris (our Leader) had arranged for me to be invested at the New Year’s camp. I’m not a keen camper but when he suggested I could be invested at midnight on New Year’s Eve, I jumped up and down and shrieked ‘yes’.

    At half past eleven all the campers got ready and put on their uniforms and we stood in a horseshoe by the flag. One of the Scouts held a big clock so we could see the time and the radio was on so we could hear them announce midnight. At ten seconds to midnight Chris started my investiture by bringing me forward into the middle of the horseshoe to say my promise and asked if I wanted to be a Scout. I felt very nervous because everyone was watching me but excited because I was the last Cub of 2008 and the first Scout of 2009. Afterwards we had fireworks and party food. My family came down for the investiture and were very proud of me. We went to bed at 2 o’clock in the morning, but it was worth it for this very special occasion.

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