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Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning
28th February 2018

Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning

Scout Troop: 1st Upchurch District: Sittingbourne & Milton Blog title: Newsletter Blog story: Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning, the Hawks patrol created a fun-filled and enjoyable night. The scouts experimented...

Author: Gaby & Lucas

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  • Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning

    Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning

    Author: Gaby & Lucas | Date: 28th February 2018

    Scout Troop: 1st Upchurch 

    District: Sittingbourne & Milton 

    Blog title: Newsletter 

    Blog story: Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning, the Hawks patrol created a fun-filled and enjoyable night. The scouts experimented with different cooking techniques (not all were successful) led by Lewis Jobson and James Newbery. Indoors, while the fire was being set up by Lewis and Gabriella Deevoy, James Hatcher and James Newbury played and managed a hectic game of dodgeball. After settling down around the fire, the scouts did part of their communications badge and set to work making sausages and an egg in a bun. 

    Check out our latest newsletter here

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  • What is it to be a Scout?

    What is it to be a Scout?

    Author: Jack | Date: 18th July 2016

    4th Milton (St Marys) Scout Group


    This year was kicked off with us going to Winter Camp at Gilwell. What an experience this was wet and mud all around but tons of fun. From crate stacking, high ropes, pot holing in a cave bus and driving a car, almost everything ended in getting wet. It didnít matter though because you did not have time to think about it with everything that was going on.


    I attended the Kent County Paintball day and although I was the only one from my troop I had loads of fun and made some new friends, showing that scouting really is a wide family and next time I hope to bring some friends.

    On St Georges Day I meet my group in Sittingbourne High Street where we made paracord braclets to give out and told people all the great things about being involved in scouting in Kent.

    One of our Monday night meetings was at Gravity in Maidstone where I catapulted myself into the foam pit and laughed as my friend pulled me out as the giant foam cubes tried to suck me back in.


    Our troop took part in JOTT 19 (Jamboree on the trail) hiking from Linton to Yalding, where we set up camp for the night. The following day we went kayaking and eventually kayaked down a weir and tested our bravery by jumping off of the pier into the chilling water.

    The Monday after we met at the Cyclopark in Gravesend where we all got some exercise on the bikes off-road and speeding round the track.

    On 25th May the PLís and APLís of 4th Milton ran a night for the Beavers as we had them hiking around Bexon Lane to three different activities. My friend Jack and I looked after the Beavers as they made smores by a campfire, (donít worry no one caught alight).


    Most recently I helped by running a stall at Eddy Austinís (Baloo to us) Memorial Fun Day. Eddy helped out at my scout group for 25 years and taught us how to use the air rifles in the shooting range.

    Still to come: District camp in June, JAWS in July and in August eight days camping in the New Forest.

    As you can see its never boring when you are a scout with 4th Milton (St Marys). Scouts is great fun and we do loads of really fun and exciting things. All week I look forward to Mondays so I can see all my friends and what we are up to.

    Wonder what weíll do next?

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  • PGL - 1st Upchurch

    PGL - 1st Upchurch

    Author: Sam, James, Ethan | Date: 19th March 2015

    Upchurch Cubs and Scouts went to Windmill Hill Activity Centre In February. We did a range of different activities from abseiling down a 10.3m tower to jumping off a tall pole called the leap of faith to grab a trapeze. My favourite was the giant swing. While we were there, we had all kinds of weather, from snow, hail, wind, rain, sun and clouds but it was still great fun.

    Upchurch Cubs and Scouts went to Windmill Hill Activity Centre near Battle. At the PGL activity centre,I went on some really fun things like a giant swing, a zipwire,abseiling down a 34 foot tower, the leap of faith trapeze and many others.
    I was pulled up to the top of the giant swing, I went down the zip wire both backwards and forwards but I really liked the leap of faith best which was a tall pole and you had to leap from the top to a trapeze and even though it was wet and slippery I still reached it four times out of four.

    I went to a PGL activity centre with Upchurch Cubs and Scouts. I went on the abseiling wall. It was very scary. We did the giant swing in snow, wind and rain. We tried fencing, and obstacle course, aeroball, a trapeze leap and a sensory trail. It was a fun experience and you should all go.

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  • Winter Adventure

    Winter Adventure

    Author: Beth | Date: 23rd November 2014

    Scout Troop: 12th Medway

    District: Medway Towns

    Blog title: Winter Adventure

    Blog story: Just attended another day out with Kent scouts, and it was amazing. Having had a go at skiing, snow tubing, snow boarding and the toboggan run, all of which were great fun.
    The leaders make sure your day is full of fun and laughter. Did the paint balling not long ago and can't wait for the next adventure, with them.

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  • Theme park camp

    Author: Henry - 1st Upchurch | Date: 28th October 2014

    Chessington was Awesome!
    In September the kent scouts went to Chessington for the weekend.
    When we arrived we had to set up our tents, it took a long time but our leader brought beds for us to sleep on too!! Once we had finished we gathered in the middle of the field to be told health and safety rules by camp leaders. After that we went into the park. The first ride we went on was the Kobra. We went on lots of rides Ė some Iíd not had the courage to go on before. The last ride we went on was Dragon Fury and it was certainly the best. On Sunday we went on the rides again. Before going home we went and got some sweets and then went back to camp to pack everything away. Overall the weekend was great and I won myself a big pig that I gave away and my scout friend gave me his big banana he won. It was fun trying to get him in the car for the journey home.

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  • Phasel Wood Summer Camp 2014

    Author: Amanda | Date: 18th August 2014

    Just returned this weekend from our weeks Annual Scout Camp at Phasels Wood.  What a fantastic week 20 scouts, 10 leaders and committee members had.  Highlight of the week was kayaking in the Grand Union Canal, and Artic Alley at the Snow Dome in Hemel Hempstead. Just need to dry the tents out now!!. Now planning next years camps.

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  • Golden Hinde Review

    Author: James Holdstock | Date: 28th June 2014

    On May 24th and 25th of 2014 the Scouts of 9th and 2nd Tonbridge went back in time over 400 years to discover what made Sir Francis Drake famous and what it was like to be a sailor on his great voyage.

    Drake's boat was called the Golden Hinde and in the much later 1970's a working replica was created. This galleon (Golden Hinde II) is now docked on the Thames near to London Bridge and hosts overnight stays for families and groups, so how did the Scouts fare?

    We arrived in the afternoon and were given uniforms of the 16th century to dress in. These denoted our rank of Officers, Barber Surgeons, Gunners and Cabin Boys (or Scout leaders!) we were then shown on to the ship and were briefed by the grizzly Barber Surgeon, a learned man with a fascination of bodily functions! He whipped the recruits into shape so we could be introduced to the Master of the ship. Standing up straight and saluting came very easily to the Scouts so we got on the right side of the master straight away, although there were some unexplained smells that concerned him later in the voyage.

    Over the next few hours these characters interactively explained to us how the sailors lived and worked including how to navigate, the drawbacks (and benefits) of healthcare for sailors and the wondrous medical properties of Urine, including an interactive demonstration of a leg amputation,  Jimi is half the scout he used to be but we ate well that night. This all culminated in a mock battle where we defeated an onslaught by the (topically) horrible Spanish, even if many people lost their sight and limbs along the way. We even had time to play a game of shove piggy shove (which you shall have to come aboard to find out about).

    After a delicious authentic meal of rice and vegetables we retired for bed. The Scouts on the Gun Deck and the Scout Leaders stowed down in the hold. I could swear that when trying to sleep I could even hear the creeking of the ship on the open seas (although this may have been one of the other leaders)....

    This is a fabulous night away and the actors made it absolutely brilliant. I learned a lot, was impressed by the knowledge of the Scouts and cried laughing at times. This will be a regular trip for the 9th Tonbridge, well worth the cost.

    For more details about the Golden Hinde there is a website or you can call the very helpful bookings office. I am also happy to share my nights away findings with other leaders if that helps. You will learn, you will laugh and you may lose a limb!

    James Holdstock (written with input from the scouts of the 9th Tonbridge)
    Scout Leader 9th Tonbridge

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  • PGL

    Author: Upchurch Scouts | Date: 27th January 2014

    On the weekend of 10th, 11th and 12th January, Upchurch Scouts and Cubs went to Hastings to an activity centre.  There were 27 Scouts in all, sleeping in dorms of 5 or 6.  We arrived at 8pm Friday and had a nice cooked dinner waiting for us.  Then to sleep, well to bed, sleep did not arrive until about 2.30am for some! Mac said \" it was very exciting, my favourite activity was the trapezium because I love heights\" and boy was it high.  You had to climb up a pole and clamber on to a VERY small platform and jump for the trapeze.  Richard said \"My favourite was the Zip wire.  It helped me conquer my fear of heights as I felt so safe\"  Even the Leaders were able to have a go.  An amazing adventure for all.

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  • Go Karting

    Author: Richard | Date: 27th January 2014

    Just before Christmas I went Go-Karting with the Scouts.  I had a brilliant time.  First we went through a safety briefing and then went out to see the first group on the track.  Later it was our turn and it was great.  I had never had so much fun.  Finally we all went into the diner to have dinner.  Before we went home though, I was invested in front of a go-kart, so now I am a Scout.  I lived it!

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