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Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning
28th February 2018

Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning

Scout Troop: 1st Upchurch District: Sittingbourne & Milton Blog title: Newsletter Blog story: Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning, the Hawks patrol created a fun-filled and enjoyable night. The scouts experimented...

Author: Gaby & Lucas

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  • Winter Adventure

    Winter Adventure

    Author: Beth | Date: 23rd November 2014

    Scout Troop: 12th Medway

    District: Medway Towns

    Blog title: Winter Adventure

    Blog story: Just attended another day out with Kent scouts, and it was amazing. Having had a go at skiing, snow tubing, snow boarding and the toboggan run, all of which were great fun.
    The leaders make sure your day is full of fun and laughter. Did the paint balling not long ago and can't wait for the next adventure, with them.

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  • Theme park camp

    Author: Henry - 1st Upchurch | Date: 28th October 2014

    Chessington was Awesome!
    In September the kent scouts went to Chessington for the weekend.
    When we arrived we had to set up our tents, it took a long time but our leader brought beds for us to sleep on too!! Once we had finished we gathered in the middle of the field to be told health and safety rules by camp leaders. After that we went into the park. The first ride we went on was the Kobra. We went on lots of rides some Id not had the courage to go on before. The last ride we went on was Dragon Fury and it was certainly the best. On Sunday we went on the rides again. Before going home we went and got some sweets and then went back to camp to pack everything away. Overall the weekend was great and I won myself a big pig that I gave away and my scout friend gave me his big banana he won. It was fun trying to get him in the car for the journey home.

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  • Phasel Wood Summer Camp 2014

    Author: Amanda | Date: 18th August 2014

    Just returned this weekend from our weeks Annual Scout Camp at Phasels Wood.  What a fantastic week 20 scouts, 10 leaders and committee members had.  Highlight of the week was kayaking in the Grand Union Canal, and Artic Alley at the Snow Dome in Hemel Hempstead. Just need to dry the tents out now!!. Now planning next years camps.

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