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Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning
28th February 2018

Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning

Scout Troop: 1st Upchurch District: Sittingbourne & Milton Blog title: Newsletter Blog story: Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning, the Hawks patrol created a fun-filled and enjoyable night. The scouts experimented...

Author: Gaby & Lucas

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1st West Malling

10th November 2013

1st West Malling

Troop name: 1st West Malling

District: Malling

Number of members: 32

Tell us why you should be Troop of the Moment?: In August, 1st West Malling Scouts participated in Lumberjack Camp and then again in October, in order to do some maintenance at Comp Wood, the district campsite. This maintenance involved felling some 21 trees to help open the camping sites in the woods for groups to enjoy in the future.  Despite backbreaking work and some hideous weather in October the work the scouts achieved without any injuries was nothing short of amazing ... Plus it helped the Troop to achieve their Forestry Badge .... Well done!!

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