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Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning
28th February 2018

Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning

Scout Troop: 1st Upchurch District: Sittingbourne & Milton Blog title: Newsletter Blog story: Hawks Make the Perfect Night After weeks of planning, the Hawks patrol created a fun-filled and enjoyable night. The scouts experimented...

Author: Gaby & Lucas

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12th Sheppey - Troop of the Moment

15th April 2014

12th Sheppey - Troop of the Moment

Troop name: 12th

District: Sheppey

Number of members: 16

Tell us why you should be Troop of the Moment?: We Slept with Dinosaurs

On the 8th Feb 2014,
We loaded the Mini Bus and two cars filled with 25 scouts and cubs.  We travelled to the natural History Museum, where we had an evening filled with, live spiders, T-shirt designing, talks from the experts and a touch light fossil hunt around the T-Rex exhibition  then we got to sleep in the Whale museum, after breakfast there was a live  show with lots of different birds and reptiles, Once the night was over we stayed on to explore the rest of the museum. All thou the trip was expensive we did a bag packing day in Tesco's to raise most of the money need for our trip. It was a great night and we hope to do it again! We are also going to enter this for our crazy camping badge.  

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